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Milli Ittehad [December 2004]




(Caravan of Unity of Community and Country)
FICCI Auditorium, Saturday, March 8, 2014

AIMC has been organized a grand valedictory convention at FICCI Auditorium, New Delhi on March 8, 2014 at the end of the "Karvan-i-Ittihad-i-Mulk-o-Millat" (Caravan of Unity of Community and Country) in different parts of the country, launched by the state units of the All India Milli Council (AIMC) aimed at uniting different section of the society, in general, and the Muslim community, in particular, to work for the country’s unity in the context of its diversity, preserve its composite culture and its democratic and secular ethos.


  1. This All India convention to mark the culmination of the "Karvan-i-Ittihad-i-Mulk-o-Millat" (Caravan of Unity of Community and Country) resolves to call for protecting the Constitution so that the nation could be saved from the fascist and communal forces.
  2. This convention resolves to appeal the justice and peace-loving citizens of the country to use their right to vote cent per cent in the coming Parliamentary elections.
  3. This convention resolves to urge the voters to use its right to franchise in favour of those believing in secular and democratic values enshrined in the Constitution of India, not fascist and communal forces determined to ruin it.
  4. This convention welcomes a number of decisions concerning the weaker sections, including Muslims by the UPA government and hopes they would be implemented in true spirit by the future governments.
  5. This convention demands the political parties to include the points related to the weaker sections, including Muslims declared more backward in the race to development and progress in comparison to even Dalits and neo-Budhists by the Sachar Committee and Mishra Commission, in its coming election manifestos.
  6. This convention demands all the political parties to ensure repeal of the draconian law UAPA.
  7. This convention urges the Muslim community as a whole to get united, irrespective of schools of thoughts and groups at the crucial juncture when divisive forces are determined to cross any limit to come to power, and make a thought-provoking strategy in the ensuing Parliamentary elections as well as devise a common agenda to be included in the election manifestoes.
  8. The convention urges that the Presidential order of 1950 should be further amended to include Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims in the Scheduled Caste Category.
  9. The affirmative actions, schemes including reservations in services and educational institutions are being provided under Article 15(4) and 16(4) of the constitution to socially and educationally backward 'Class' of the citizen. Muslim minority community needs to be included in this 'Class' because of their established backwardness. This inclusion shall not be on the ground of religion but on the ground of their social and educational backwardness as a Class.
  10. This convention urges that menace of communal riots in the country needs to be finished once for all. It therefore proposes that a judicial commission be appointed which may review all the communal riots and repots of different commissions on riots with a view to identify the basic reasons behind them and suggest effective measures so that they do not recur in future.
  11. The convention also urges that the Anti-Communal Violence Bill should be introduced and passed by Parliament at the earliest. The Bill should be seen as an effective measure towards prevention of riots and protection and rehabilitation of riot victims instead of looking at it from the angle of Federalism and jurisdiction of state governments.
  12. This convention urges upon the power that be to take all steps and actions to ensure the restoration of the minority character of the Aligarh Muslim University.
  13. This convention urges upon the nations/countries of the world and particularly the UNO to work unitedly to ward off the present uneasiness and further strive to establish peace, prosperity and humanity at the global level.
  14. This convention desires that a Political Co-ordination Committee be set up to assess the political situation in view of the coming general elections, and co-ordinate with the concerned groups of people.


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