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Milli Ittehad [December 2004]



Relief Distribution to victims of BTAD riots, 2012

2nd phase of relief distribution to victims of BTAD riots were under taken under the supervision of a team of Assam Unit of All India Milli Council, constituted after due consultation with President AIMC, Assam, Jonab Hafiz Rashid Ahmed Choudhury, to carry out relief work during the period 6th October/12 to 8th October/12. The team consisted of Prof. Ali Haidar Laskar (Vice President), Alhaz Inamududdin Ahmed (General Secretary), Jonab Mazid Ali (Treasurer) and Advocate Masud Alom (in charge of Dhubri Branch).

Relief materials consisted of following items :

    (i) Tarpaulin of size 18 ft x 12 ft
    (ii) Plastic cloth(for covering bath room and latrine)
    (iii) Children dress

Materials were distributed to the camps located in the interior areas of Gossaigaon Sub-division which suffered worstly. Earlier relief workers from different organizations could not dare to reach up to those distant camps located more than 100 km away from Dhubri town and more than 400 km from Guwahati city. As per report of inmates, only some workers of Jamat-e-Islami Hind had visited and distributed relief to some of those interior camps during the long period of two and half a month. Milli Council relief group was the 1st party to attend Asarikandi Kartimari LP School camp.

Relief materials were distributed directly to the inmates of the following camps by the volunteers accompanying the team of the Milli Council under direct supervision of the team members.

Sl. No. Name of camp No. of families Position of FIR
(i) Tulsibari camp 295 FIR filed
(ii) Harbhanga Gosaigaon LP School camp 90 FIR filed
(iii) Asarikandi Kartimari LP School camp 134 FIR not filed
(iv) Malikapur LP School camp 30 FIR filed
(v) Simultapu LP & ME School 1252 FIR filed
(vi) Tamarhat JB School 180 FIR filed

At the time of distribution of relief materials,proper liason was maintained with the workers of Calamity Relief Foundation, Asom and Jamat-E-Islami E-Hind to avoid overlapping. As reported by victims, three Madrassas and more than 50 mosques in 50 burnt out villages of Gossaigaon sub-division have been destroyed. Victims are found very eager to return to their own places. But they are unable to do so due to lack of Govt. permission and security.

About Rs.3,15,000.00(Rupees Three lack and fifteen thousand) was spent for purchasing relief materials and incurring other related expenditure.

(Inamuddin Ahmed)

General Secretary
All India Milli Council, Assam Unit, Guwahati


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