• All India Milli Council is a common and united platform of the Muslims in India. Its establishment was decided by the "Ittehad-e-Millat" Conference in May 1992. Its constitution was prepared at Delhi in August 1992 and it was given final shape at Mysore in November 1992.
  • All the activities of All India Milli Council will be carried out within the sphere of Shariah (IslamicLaw). The religious affairs of Muslims as well as general issues concerning the country and the nation will be given due attention.
  • Each and every member of All India Milli Council will sincerely try to achieve the aims and objectives of the Council irrespective of his political affiliations, sectoral or regional groupings and will give preference to the Milli interest.The Council will not take part in any electoral politics.
  • All India Milli Council will continue its efforts to make effective all the endeavours and works put forth by Muslims in every walk of life. At the same time, it will mobilise public opinion against the fascist tendencies so that a cordial atmosphere of mutual respect and trust be developed in the country where the voices of truth and equality can be heard and attended to.
  • Commited and capable persons will be given preference in the different Bodies and in the selections of office-bearers of All India Milli Council. No one should project himself for any membership or office in accordance with principles of Shariah.

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