1. To forge unity among Muslims on the basis of Kalima-e-Tayyebah and to endeavour that Muslims are able to discharge their obligations as Khair-e-Ummah in this country.

  2. To adopt suitable strategies for the protection of the honour, lives and properties of Indian Muslims.

  3. To endeavour for the protection of religious, social and cultural identity of Muslims and to cooperate with and coordinate  the efforts carried on from any quarter in this regard.

  4. To mobilise public opinion against the growing trends of fascism, communal hatred and violence, to promote strengthen goodwill and fraternal relations among all the communities and restore the atmosphere of mutual trust among them and to try to protect the honour, lives  properties and culture of all Indians, specially the minorities and all oppressed classes.

  5. To restore courage and confidence among Muslims and to make them aware that they are not second class citizens in this country but are equal sharers, constitutionally, in its governance, to play their due roll in the task of bringing peace, progress and prosperity to the country and in establishing an order ensuring social justice for all.

  6. To make plans for the overall progress of Muslims and for their educational, economic and social upliftment, to endeavour to establish Maktabs for providing religious education, schools and colleges for contemporary sciences, institutions offering professional, technical and industrial courses to enable Muslims to make progress in these fields and to cooperate with and coordinate the efforts of other organisations working for these or similar objectives and lend due support to such organisations.

  7. To promote political and collective consciousness among Muslims; to keep them informed of the prevailing situations as they develop and to provide suitable guidance to them.

  8. To develop and promote an active and dynamic leadership in the Ummah from local to all India level to help in the achievement of these aims and objectives at all levels.

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