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Milli Ittehad [December 2004]




AIMC National Convention on “Eradicate Terrorism, Build Nation”

L-R: Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, Mauji Khan, Dr M Manzoor Alam, Maulana Abdullah Mughaisi, Dr Mufti Mukarram Ahmed, M J Akbar and Santosh Bhartiya

All India Milli Council (AIMC) organized on December 27, 2008 a national convention on “Eradicate Terrorism, Build Nation” at the Faculty of Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. It was unique from the point of view that there was discussed from a Muslim platform perhaps for the first time in detail how to eradicate terrorism and rebuild nation. It was presided over by AIMC President and Vice President, Maulana Abdullah Mughaisi and Maulana Asrar Qasmi, respectively. On this occasion, a 15-point resolution was passed unanimously.

Prominent among those participating and speaking were journalists M J Akbar and Aziz Burney; Member of Rajya Sabha Saeed Malihabadi, former MPs Syed Shahabuddin and Santosh Bharatiya; National Integration Council (NIC) member Navaid Hamid; Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman Kamal Faruqui; social activists Kumar Rajiv, Gurdeep Singh, Pervez Mian, Musharraf Husain, Imdadullah Jauhar, Shamshad Ikram and Ms Mamdooha Majid; economist and Mutalleat Editor Dr Ausaf Ahmad; Shahi Masjid Fatehpuri Imam Mufti Mukarram Ahmed; Islamic scholars and AIMC leaders Maulana Yasin Ali Usmani and Maulana Aas Mohammed Gulzar Qasmi; Markazi Jamiat Ulema leader Arshad Farooqui; and Urdu monthly Milli Ittehad Editor Dr Syed Abdul Bari “Shabnam Subhani”; Al Hikmah honorary Chairman Dr Syed Ziauddin Ahmed Nadvi; academic and activist Dr Haseena Hashia and advocates Mushtaque Ahmed and Feroze Ghazi.

Eminent journalist M J Akbar said rebuilding a nation was not possible without the involvement of about 15 crore Muslims in the process. He opined if the community as a whole was not included in the process of rising India, it was perhaps due to the reason that the Muslims didn’t vote for their development and employment in the elections. There always dominated the fear psychosis on the agenda during the elections, however, the agenda should now change, he asserted. He asked the organizers to make a comparative study on the status of Dalits, Tribals and Muslims from 1947 to 2008.

AIMC President Maulana Abdullah Mughaisi averred that “we have to go out from here with a firm decision to eradicate terrorism, and save and rebuild this nation. However, the need of the hour is to come ahead for the eradication of terrorism and rebuilding the nation.”

AIMC Vice President and columnist Maulana Asrarul Haque Qasmi declared that the solution to the problem of terrorism didn’t lie in law only but in investigation of the incidents and punishment to the real culprits also. He asserted that war was not a solution to the problem. He said the international community should find it out as to who manufactured weapons and supplied whom as well as who controlled over the weapons. He said there was a need for emergence of another super to build pressure upon them.

Earlier, eminent Islamic scholar and AIMC leader Maulana Abdul Wahab Khilji, in his inaugural address, threw light on the aims and objects of the national convention.

AIMC General Secretary Dr M Manzoor Alam said it was a must to remove fear psychosis from the community as a whole. According to him, so far as Muslims’ coming to vote for development was concerned, the AIMC was organizing political awareness campaigns in different parts of the country since August this year and it would culminate in Delhi with a grand conference on January 31.

Member of Rajya Sabha Ahmed Saeed Malihabadi said there should be a thorough investigation into Mumbai attacks, including the deaths of cops Hemant Karkare, Vijay Salaskar and Ashok Kamte. He said the war hysteria and phobia going on in India and Pakistan these days had vitiated the atmosphere. He said this atmosphere should immediately end. In his view, for this both India and Pakistan should dispatch a goodwill delegation to diffuse the alarming situation.

Former MP Syed Shahabuddin said “we would have to declare that we are against Muslim terrorism, Hindu terrorism and also State terrorism” He urged the government to constitute a national anti-defamation committee.

Sikh leader Gurdeep Singh raised the question as to why only Sikhs and Muslims were ahead in condemning terrorism. He declared that war was not a solution to the existing problem of terrorism.

Delhi Minorities Commission Chairman Kamal Faruqui said not only Ulema in India but Pakistan also had given ‘fatwa’ against terrorism.

National Integration Council (NIC) member Navaid Hamid said the identification of the lone surviving terrorist of the Mumbai attacks was necessary because it had emerged as a bone of contention. According to him, a genetic test on Kasab and his close relatives in Pakistan could establish his lineage.

Fatehpuri Masjid Imam Dr Mufti Mukarram Ahmed said generally the Muslims were alleged for terrorism whereas the truth was that not a single organization of Muslims had been to be a terrorist. He also said on the contrary there were a number of organizations among non-Muslims who instigated terrorism openly. He emphasized upon giving a shape of a movement to this effort of the AIMC.

Maulana Arshad Farooqui of Markazi Jamiat Ulema too condemned the organizations like RSS and Bajrang Dal to vitiate the peaceful atmosphere. He also stressed the need for a dialogue among different communities to combat terrorism.

Islamic scholar and AIMC leader Maulana Yasin Ali Usmani said share in power was a must for the solution to the problem as a whole. According to him, a nation that was deprived of power was generally humiliated.

Maulana Aas Mohammed Gulzar Qasmi, AIMC leader, averred the effort for eradication of terrorism and rebuilding nation had begun from here and would continue.

Dr Syed Abdul Bari ‘Shabnam Subhani’, Editor of Milli Ittehad said it was on record that Muslims always excelled in opposing vices and promoting virtues. According to him, this convention was the best example of this character.

People Movement of India (PMI) General Secretary Kumar Rajiv was of the view that political awareness and self-introspection were essential, therefore, Muslims should participate in such efforts.

Social activist Ms Mamdooha Majid said women didn’t lag behind in the effort for eradicating terrorism and rebuilding nation. Therefore, the AIMC should involve them in a large number, she opined.

Pervez Mian, Vice President, AIMC Delhi, wondered as to why Muslims were always being alleged whenever an incident occurred.

Feroze Ghazi, advocate, said strategy was a must in any war against terrorism because those instigating it did this all with a strategy.

Mauji Khan, Treasurer, AIMC and former Police official, said the effort for eradication of terrorism needed both legal and community measures.

The programme was conducted by AIMC leader Mirza Zaki Ahmed Baig while Mohammed Jahangir proposed a vote of thanks.

Welcome address by Dr M Manzoor Alam

AIMC 15-Point Resolution


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