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Milli Ittehad [December 2004]





The All India Milli Council, Karnataka conducted a one day convention at Bangalore on 15th November 2008, to take stock of the rising incidents of the arrests of Muslims in the state, against the backdrop of the growing acts of terrorism in the country and also in the state. Delegates from districts such as Gulbarga, Bidar, Belgaum, Hubli, Kolar, Chickmangalur, Mysore, Mangalore, Chickballapur, Chamrajnagar, Chitradurga, Tumkur, Hassan, Shimoga, Udupi, North Canara, Bellary attended the Convention and shared their viewpoints. Many Muslim religious heads such as Hazrath Moulana Syed Mustafa Rifai, Mufti Syed Baqar Arshad, Moulana Zaeem Raza Abdi, Moulana Aejaz Ahmed Nadvi attended the convention. Prominent Muslim leaders from different political parties such as Shri K. Rahman Khan, Deputy Chairman, Rajyasabha ; MLAs—Shri R. Roshan Baig, Shri N.A Harris, Shri U.T. Khader, MLCs—Shri Naseer Ahmed, Shri Qazi Arshad Ali, Shri Abdul Azeem and other eminent political leaders such as Shri C.K. Jaffer Sharieff, Shri C.M. Ibrahim, Shri Mohammed Obaidulla Sharieff, Shri K.S Nisar Ahmed, Shri Saleem Ahmed, Shri K.S. Mohammed Masood Ahmed, Shri Khalid Ahmed, Chairman, Karnataka Board of Wakfs etc. were the chief guests in the convention. Apart these dignitaries many Muslim intellectuals, representatives from various NGOs, and several eminent members from the Muslim community attended the convention.

The convention was presided by Hazrath Moulana Mufti Mohammed Ashraf Ali Baqavi, Ameer-e-Shariat of Karnataka, the Vice President, All India Milli Council and Member, All India Muslim Personnel Law Board and was held between 10.30 a.m to 5.00 p.m. The inaugural speech of the convention was delivered by the president of the convention which is enclosed herewith.

During the pre-lunch session, the Convention deliberated on the factors that have led to the emergence of the heinous crime of terror in the country and also seriously took note of the attempts by various vested interest groups to malign the Muslim community to be behind every terror act. At the same time, the convention seriously discussed the reign of atrocities and horrors on the suspects unleashed on the pretext of investigations to obtain confessions under force.

In the post lunch session, Shri K. Rahman Khan, Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha delivered the key note address and subsequently the other Chief Guests addressed the gathering against the backdrop of the discussions held in the morning session. In his speech Shri Rahman Khan, urged the Muslims to develop positive thinking and urged the religious and political leaders to give up differences and work jointly for promoting common good of the community.

Based on the deliberations and the discussions, the Convention passed few resolutions which are enclosed herewith.


Under the aegis of the All India Milli Council, Karnataka a one day Convention was organised at Bangalore for analyzing and discussing the factors responsible for the growing incidents of terrorism in the country as well as in Karnataka. The Convention took note of the efforts of the vested interests in maligning the Muslims by blaming to be behind every terror act. In order to dispel the misgivings about Muslims and their religion, the Convention earnestly took up the subjects for deliberations and passed the following resolutions thereon.

The Convention condemns terrorism perpetrated by any individual or organisation for achieving any objective. The acts of terror which are “ crimes against humanity “ not only result in killing of innocents leading to sufferings and hardships to the members of the bereaved family but also cause fear among the people and adversely affects the psychology of the children who are the future of the country.

The Convention condemned associating terrorism with Muslims and Islam. Islam as a religion stands for peace and harmony and its teachings preach love, compassion, equality, brotherhood, justice and service to humanity and abhor perpetration of any act of violence in its name. At the same time, the Convention asserted that when any misguided Muslim is proved to be involved behind any terror activity, the law of the land must deal with him stringently and punish him severely.

The Convention expressed concern over the arrest of innocent Muslim youth on alleged terrorist links in Karnataka and torturing them for obtaining forceful confessions. The Convention resolved that the investigative agencies before making any arrest should gather sufficient evidence to establish the involvement of the person in terror act.

The Convention urged the media and the government investigating agencies to deter from declaring the hand of Islamic forces to be behind whenever any act of terror takes place. In this regard, the Convention appreciated and commended the recent efforts of the investigation agencies in detecting and unmasking the real perpetrators of terrorist activities in some of the bomb blasts in the country and hoped that the same spirit would be continued and perpetrators of the heinous acts regardless of their religion would be brought to book and punished severely.

The Convention vehemently condemned the atrocities and harassment of the terror suspects and their family members. In order to denounce the same and make the government and the concerned authorities realize the gravity of the violation of the human rights involved, the convention proposes to stage a one day silent protest in front of all the mosques in Karnataka on a predetermined date.

The Delegates of the Convention expressed displeasure with the non availability of the information regarding the whereabouts of many suspects arrested by the police and investigative agencies. The Convention resolved to urge the government to publish a white paper furnishing the details relating to the arrests of the suspects made in the past five years and the number of the convictions made and the number of cases which remain without any charge.

The Convention resolved to create awareness among the Muslims to establish NGOs in every taluk to work for the cause of the community and the country.

The Convention resolved to motivate the Muslims and their leaders to develop rapport with the police officials to dispel the misunderstandings and misgivings about the community.

The Convention resolved to explore various modalities for providing legal aid to the suspects by eminent advocate and also the measures required for ensuring safety and protection to the advocates who take up such cases under constitutional obligation.

The Convention took note of the trends in under-representing the correct strength of the Muslims. In order to arrive at the right figures the Convention resolved to create a Databank in each Mosque to keep record of the Muslims residing in the locality long with the relevant details such as education, profession etc.

The Convention resolved and urged the leaders of the Muslims and their religious scholars to develop rapport and dialogue with the media and other non-Muslims organisations for projecting right image of the community and the preaching of the Islam in order to dispel the misunderstandings and misgivings about the community.

The Convention took note of the recent attacks on the Christians and their places of worship by the fascist organisations in various parts of the country especially in Orissa and Karnataka. The Convention strongly condemned the attacks on the Christians and churches / any place of worship and expressed apprehension that such attacks would destroy the secular fabric of the nation and lead to civil unrest plunging the society into chaos. Against the backdrop of the consolidation of the fascist forces, the Convention urges the concerned government agencies to deal with the anti-secular forces stringently and prevent recurrence of such incidents. At the same time, the Convention urged the peace-loving people of Karnataka in particular and the public in other states in general to desist the attempts of fascist forces to make their state into another Gujarat.

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