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Milli Ittehad [December 2004]

Distribution of Blankets (500) in the villages of Gwalpara Distt. Assam



National Convention on the Feeling of Insecurity among Muslims

At FICCI AAuditorium
New Delhi

15-Point AIMC National Convention Resolutions On the “Feeling of Insecurity among Muslims”

The feeling of insecurity among Muslims is an unquestionable problem. Even the Sachar Report has called the identity, security and equity as the basic issues of the Muslim community in India. In fact, these are the issues that lead to the feeling of insecurity. It has rightly been concluded in its second chapter that in the last 60 years the Muslim community has been systematically marginalized in almost all walks of life. While stating in the report that a population of 140 million can’t be wished away, it has been emphasized that the problems of the Muslim community should be taken as the national problem. Keeping this all in view, the All India Milli Council’s national convention passes the following resolutions:

  1. Creation of a Congenial Atmosphere: There should be made efforts to create a congenial atmosphere wherein a Muslim considers himself with respect and dignity an equal citizen of the country and the thinking that he is a share-holder, not tenant in this country should get consolidated.

  2. Removal of the Feeling of Deprivation: The Government should immediately announce a quota for the entire Muslim community in the light of the Sachar and Ranganath Mishra Reports to raise its representation in different walks of life so that on one hand, its educational and economic backwardness go, on the other, it is empowered. These all measures would be helpful in the eradication of the feeling of the destitution.

  3. Protection of Identity: The identity of the Muslim community should be kept in view in the light of the Constitution of India. There seems to be a need again for a formal assurance for protecting the Muslim Personal Law by the Government so that the concern found in the Muslim community in the wake of the recent demand for the sensitive issues like the uniform civil code should go.

  4. Problem of Protection and Security: The special measures should be taken to raise the number of Muslims in the Police and Security forces so that it should help in tackling the awkward situation arisen out during communal riots like that of Moradabad, Maliana, Hashimpura and Gujarat.

  5. Demand of Justice: There should be follow-up to the reports of various Commissions and Committees instituted by the Government to look into the communal disturbances/ riots in the country. Besides, the culprits found responsible in the communal riots occurred in Mumbai and elsewhere in the aftermath of the demolition of the historic Babri Masjid and also in the genocide of Gujarat should be punished by the special courts like that of dealing with the 1993 Mumbai Blasts.

  6. Appropriate Compensation to the kith and kin of Communal Riot Victims: The compensation given to the kith and kin of the victims and other affected persons of the anti-Sikh riots in 1984 should be considered a basis for the victims of other communal riots in the country.

  7. Withdrawal of the Anti-Communalism Bill: The Anti-Communalism Bill present in the Parliament for a debate should be withdrawn immediately.

  8. Problem of Encounter: The Government should take legal action against the Police officers found guilty of killing the innocent persons, particularly the Muslim youth in the fake encounters, besides devising effective legislations to deal with the problem of the encounter.

  9. Problem of the TADA and POTA Accused: The cases of thousands of persons languishing in the prisons under TADA and POTA should immediately be dealt with.

  10. Minority Character of Muslim Institutions: The special measures should be taken to ensure the minority character of the educational institutions established and run by the Muslims under the provisions of the Constitution. Besides, necessary steps should also be taken as soon as possible to expedite the proceedings in the case of the minority character of the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) in Allahabad High Court.

  11. Representation of Muslims in the Policy-Making Institutions: The appropriate representation of Muslims in the policy-making and other basic political and non-political institutions should be ensured.

  12. 12. Protection of Traditional Industries: There should be special measures to remove the threat to the traditional and indigenous industries with which are linked the fate of a substantial number of Muslims and which are symbols of the country’s heritage and source of foreign exchange.

  13. Role of Media: The media can play a key role in the eradication of the feeling of insecurity of the Muslim community. Therefore, the need of the hour is that different newspapers and channels should start “special beats” in their respective organization so that therein the media-persons specialized and trained in the affairs of the Muslim community could cover its issues in a proper and objective way.

  14. Enactment of An Anti-Genocide Legislation: India, a signatory to the 1949 Anti-Genocide Declaration of the United Nations, should enact immediately an anti-genocide law.

  15. Beginning of A Movement: A movement would be started under the banner of the People Movement of India to pursue the fight against insecurity in an objective and peaceful way.


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